Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Loose Planning reaps no rewards.

Super amazing bike ride in to work today, except for the whole cat and mouse game I play for three miles with a Tri-Met bus. Another "heat wave" is on us here in Portland meaning there will be plenty of whining and complaining but not much heat. Lets do a little example here, I have had Oregonians complaining to me about the heat and have had no Baltimorons complaining, so it has to be cooler in Baltimore now right?

I don't even understand how this is possible, seriously. Oh well it is indeed a beautiful day outside and I am looking forward to biking around later and blowing off some steam from this day at work. yesterday was trying for myself, I have been in a funk as of late towards what I want to do with my life. Last night I started making some plans and figured I could keep them tentative until I realized that those types of plans really don't benefit anyone, it just breeds insecurity, questioning, and disappointment. There was also a conversation that I was involved in that made me realize I really don't have it bad at all, and my whole quest to free myself from having too many possessions resulted in me realized I don't actually own that much. I do have four bicycles, which I believe I could have more, but they all have their own purposes. I guess I am just stuck in a rut and I plan on shaking it soon enough, not hard really. I do plan on leaving this country in the future it is just up in the air as to when, where and why. But one day those questions will be answered. It will be on a bicycle however, that is for sure. They make so much sense and it still blows my mind that in America they are considering child's things and a second rate form of transportation. Well I guess that also partly explains our obesity rate but hey who am I to judge?

This is one of the beautiful things about this city, Hawthorne Bridge Bicycle rush hour. Sure it sucks to be stuck in it, because there can be a real back up at the light in the bike lane. But when you are stuck in the cyclo-commute traffic it can be more enjoyable than hearing that they are making another Rocky movie:

This one should be good, I bet the bear wins until the last round. So anyways, the commute has been fine, I cancelled my insurance today and turned in my title to my car so now it is official. Next is a way to figure out how to shed my student loans without actually having to pay them off...

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