Monday, January 4, 2010

A dollar late and a day short

Okie dokie, so it is 2010...

Got it? Good now lets move on.

I have a new idea for this blog as long as I can keep it up. I will post random musings from my head everyday, some will pertain to bicycling and its culture and some (err most) will not.

First off, Hipsters can throw a friggin house party:

Seriously, its like everyone who wished house parties could live forever and not just during our college/high school/special events days all moved to Portland just to house party. It is always the number one option to me when trying to decide what to do in my nocturnal free time. Its like asking Popeye what he wants as a side dish, the answer will always be the same. New years eve however gets to debut a whole new level of house partiness. Its the night where everyone wants to party. I mean everyone, and this generally leads to a generally good time had by all and for all. Now why do hipsters throw the best house parties?

- Their parents are usually loaded meaning they live in a bomb ass house.

- They dont work so the house has to be set up to be in 24/7

- Hipsters love to surround themselves with hipsters, so add in a lot of them and tons of people show up

- They drink cheap beer and lots of whiskey, two of my key ingredients for a successful party.

- Every hipster is a DJ or artist, so there is always loud music and live art.

- No matter how ridiculous you look or drunk you get there is always someone worse off.

- You dont have to worry about them hitting on your girlfriend (unless your girlfriend is a hipster, loves hipsters, or dresses like a pre-teen boy)

So add all this together and you get one fine event. No one looks at you funny for doing something odd, or how badly you dance, or how horribly you smell, because well I think I already stated this one.

So my one public New Years resolution is to give all the hipsters a break. I get called a hipster quite often and I was ashamed by it, but now in 2010 I will embrace the moniker. If anything it means I can throw one hell of a house party.

Lets kick off 2010 right people. Now get out there and cause some mayhem.

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