Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Rabble Roost

Howdy is such a bad way to start almost anything where you need to sound remotely intelligent, so lets go with Hello.


The rabble Roost, my wonderful once a week radio show is going to be put on hiatus for a few months or maybe longer. I am coaching lacrosse again this year and just dont have time for my regular work job, lax, and the radio show time slot. I could easily pick up another timeslot but it would all but eliminate my East Coast listeners because of the time zone difference. So just bear with me as I figure out how to go to the next step.

My plan is to do a one to two hour, once or twice a week, podcast that I would put on this blog. I dont know all the FCC regulations and if they really care if some mope got himself a blogspot name and 15 of his friends lsiten to him ramble twice a week. But who knows, it always seems the government cares more about what they shouldnt then what they should.

Until then, I will be doing some mixtapes and whatnots that I will put up, so check on back regularly and maybe I can keep turning you on to some new tunes.

Rabble Roosters unite!

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