Monday, January 4, 2010

Facebook woes

Why do you have 800 friends and you are constantly asking "what is going on tonight?" If you have that many friends shouldnt you be the one everyone asks what is going on tonight? I mean seriously what the hell is the point in having that many virtual friends, are you still stuck in the myspace days of befriending everyone that crosses your path on a daily basis.

Its almost like:

Friend request: "I think I saw you walking by my house the other day"
Friend request: "We were born in the same hospital in 1974"

C'mon people, lets get real and live in the actual world. Holy crap.

Another thing I will hereby always be referring to Twitter as Twatter, Twitter is an absolute joke and should be disbanded. I dont care how angered you are by traffic, guess what, I am in traffic too. Oh you left your grandmoms and you are driving back to your house, great thanks for the update. If it is relevant post it, sure I have no problem with that. Some celebtrity went tits up and you want to get bragging rights as being the first to twat about it, go ahead. Dont litter the interweb with mindless babble about how bad the person sleeping on the street smells.

In hindsight, I guess it is the same as this blog. Except I have infinite space where you only get 140 characters. Noah:1 Twatter:0.


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  2. Just to let you know No-ha...I'm reading and listening whenever possible. Keep up the good work buddy

    Joe Karbo