Friday, January 22, 2010

A few thoughts on "Lost"

OK so I hate to admit it but I have watched every episode of the first four seasons of lost. I know what you are thinking already. "So what Noah? Millions of people are in the same oat." Well I am a guy who hasn't regularly watched TV for years and years, or even owned one in many moon cycles for that matter. So for me to watch roughly 98 episodes at 43 minutes a piece really bums me out, having devoted over 70 hours of my existence to Matthew Fox and friends.

The thing that really gets me is how the whole time these gumps are trying to escape this island I am trying to escape the grips of Lost myself. I find the title Lost to be quite a perfect title, because the viewer is indeed Lost as well as the incredibly well fed deserted islanders. I mean after almost every completely obvious :twist" they throw in I say to myself, usually out loud, screw this show I am done. Then the episode ends and I click next on my netflix browser and watch the next episode. I thought the whole time too that there were only four seasons, now I found out there is a fifth and a sixth season and I am completely torn. Do I give another couple days of my life to ABC which i will never get back or do I give up and never find out if the happy go lucky islanders will ever get rescued.

If it was on Showtime, or HBO, or any of those networks it would be sooo much better because all the people are attractive and at least they could cuss and show some flesh every once in a while.

Until they make the switch to another network i may just put it on hiatus, or I might just crack another beer and see if they start eating each other. We can only hope...

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